Free SanDisk Videos Confront iTunes Service

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Taking advantage of the interest of users in the videos, SanDisk launched yesterday a new service that allows the download of programs and series for free or paid. The service is called Fanfare and the launch is accompanied by the availability of a portable reader, the Sansa TakeTV, which allows you to download the files from the PC and then view them on television

With this service, SanDisk competes with other initiatives in the area of ​​online videos, such as iTunes and the Apple TV accessory, also complementing the offer of video files on the Internet with a device that facilitates their viewing on television.

Sansa TakeTV can be used on any computer with a Mac, Linux, Windows XP or Vista operating system, as long as it has a USB port, and can then connect to the television via a composite or S-Video port. The equipment is available in two models, with different storage capacities, supporting 5 or 10 hours of videos. The price is 99 or 149 euros, for 4 or 8 GBytes of capacity, respectively.

Fanfare is still in beta and gives access to several TV shows and movies, from partners such as CBS,, Showtime Networks, Smithsonian Networks, The Weather Channel and TV Guide Broadband. Videos are free (supported by advertising) or paid. Among the series available now are CSI, Dexter and Survivor China.

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