Free Restaurant Games for iOS – Download for Free from the App Store

You may already know how difficult it is to run a business, especially in the food business, after all, it deals directly with the public and something that becomes fundamental for humans: food.

If you have always wondered how to feel like running a restaurant, you can enjoy the various gaming options, which simulate how to be a professional in this area!

Free restaurant games for iOS

Fortunately, you can find a variety of free restaurant games for iOS devices, that is, for Apple tablets and phones. Take the time to learn how to handle an attractive business like a restaurant in your time off, knowing how to handle the time management and patience of customers.

The list of free restaurant games below for iOS is in alphabetical order, for better viewing!


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<p>We started with <em>Cafeland</em>, a cooking game in which<strong> you are in the role of <em>chef</em> and aims to design the coffee of your dreams</strong>, decorating it, choosing dishes from the menu, serving delicacies and conquering the city.</p>
<p>With various dishes,<strong>you need to command your coffee in order to unlock new recipes, increase the menu and race against time</strong>, to serve all customers. You can also visit your friends' cafes and help them by sending gifts and asking them for help as well.</p>
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THE Cafelandhas 4.7 / 5 stars on the AppStore, because of over 1,600 reviews.

Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze

In this game, It is intended to create a restaurant empire through time management. Cook tasty foods from bakeries, eateries, and five-star restaurants in exotic locations like Paris and many others.Explore food options to create recipes and meet customer desires.

As you go along, you get bonuses, coins, and boosts to improve your performance. There are over 600 reviews that rank the game with 4.7 / 5 stars.

Cooking dash

Cooking dash

At the Cooking dashYou Flo character who already owns some other games from the developer. In this option, you command her, so that she can achieve fame as chef TV celebrity. There are hundreds of episodes to complete in the most diverse and amazing restaurantswhere each one has their own menus and customers.

Improve equipment and ingredients to make preparation faster and reduce the wait time for each customer. Improve restaurant decor to increase patience and tip bonuses!

With over 2,000 evaluations, the Cooking dash has 4.7 / 5 stars.

Cooking Fever

cooking fever

THE Cooking Fever another time management game which allows you to have fun in the most diverse kitchens: snack bars, bakeries, Chinese restaurants, pizza and seafood, for example. There are more than 250 dishes for you to cook and serve customers.Before they run out of patience and leave.

Enhance your kitchen utensils and restaurant interior to attract more customers.

4.5 / 5 stars rating, thanks to the opinion of over 2,600 users.

Food street

Food street

The game in 3D and has several characters, for you to meet and have fun. Collect fresh ingredients and prepare delicious dishes from around the world, so you can decorate and personalize your team and make customers happy.

Help your friends and other players by negotiating ingredients and dishes. The game is rated 4.8 / 5 stars, with 336 user reviews.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

good pizza great pizza

By name you can already see that the game will make you deal with your own pizzeria.Good Pizza, Great Pizza It's relatively simple, but it brings great fun and a lot of challenge, to fulfill customers' wishes (there are over 80 unique personalities and preferences).

Use the correct toppings on the pizzas, unlocking new fillings. Upgrade your equipment for an even more incredible experience and make enough money to keep your pizza shop open!

Over 1,200 4.7 / 5 star ratings for the game.

My Caf: Recipes & Stories

My Cafe Recipes & Stories

Have the coffee shop you always wanted to have. Help character Ann open a stylish cafeteria to serve customers drinks and snacks This simulator still brings stories and intrigue, making you know the consumers, and can investigate the stories. Opt for certain answers and influence the story.

Build a nice and cozy place, hire staff, change prices on the menu and always keep the cafeteria well decorated. Discover special recipes and become a kitchen star.

With almost 11,000 user reviews, the game has a rating of 4.8 / 5 stars.

Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay

Have Gordon Ramsay as your guide and travel the world to master spectacular restaurant skillswhere you can contest with your friends or other players online to reach the top of the leaderboards.

Create your look and get ready to upgrade your recipes for bigger rewards, collect rare and unique items throughout the game. The idea is to expand your gastronomic empire and have a lot of fun.

Over 2,100 ratings leave the game with 4.7 / 5 stars on the AppStore.

Star Chef: Cooking Game

Star chef

Transform from a simple amateur cook to a true culinary masterWith a wide variety of irresistible dishes. Set up your restaurant and keep yourself with a high rating, always remembering to decorate the place with all the best and the best.

Manage the kitchen, have up-to-date and specialized appliances, and enjoy the help of qualified staff.In addition, you can plant your own vegetables in the backyard and, once the recipe has been created, sell the dish in the Chef's Shop to earn coins and even buy those that are sold by your friends.

Almost a thousand ratings rank the game with 4.6 / 5 stars.

World chef

World chef

No matter your food preference in this last game on the list, you enjoy recipes from over 20 nationalities. Open your restaurant, name it and decorate it any way you like.

Start preparing international dishes and serve newcomers. Extend the venue as needed, as well as the menu as each new international chef emerges. Receive VIP customers and attend events to gain more experience and popularity!

Of the ratings, the game maintains a rating of 4.4 / 5 stars, with almost 500 reviews.