Free or promotional app tips for you to participate in the 50 billion promotion

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50 billion

The Apple accountant is almost reaching 50,000,000,000 and you are there, preparing to download crazy apps to compete for the $ 10,000 prize, right? Then check out our list of free or discounted apps that are worth downloading. After all, since it has to go down, it must be something of quality. ?

Remember that, to compete, only the first 25 applications that you downloaded in the last 24 hours are worth. So, wait until the right time to start downloading. Also take into account that they do not count updates, only applications downloaded entirely. Use a Brazilian or country account where you have a valid credit card, otherwise Apple may close your account and you will not receive anything, if chosen.

Blitz Brigade

Dots and Boxes 2013

Running with Friends

Asphalt 7: Heat

Angry Birds Friends

iCruzadinha - Crosswords

Tecnonutri - Management of your diet

TriZen - Relaxing tangram

Sooner: to-do list

Defeat Panorama

iStriker 2: Air Assault

Build a Ship with Kate and Harry