Free online tool cuts images using AI

Alat online gratis memotong gambar menggunakan AI

One of the most boring things to do is to crop digital images. The situation gets much worse when hair enters the scene. And not even Photoshop, Adobe’s image editing software, can solve this easily and competently. However, a simple and free online tool can make this work a little easier.

The tool (same name as your access site) can be used free of charge, and only requires you to upload the image to the site. The cropping work is automatic, it cannot be edited manually, and after processing the photo, the site delivers it with the cropped background.

The big difference of this tool is the use of Artificial Intelligence to perform the clipping. Other terms like Machine Learning and Big Data fit in here, too. uses a database with millions of images (including the ones you use in the service) to learn what needs to be cut out.

removebg 01 is free / © AndroidPIT by Stella Dauer

This means that the more people use the tool, the smarter it will be, and the better the cutouts will look. uses open source algorithms for its tool, and many others are already available on the internet. One of them is actually made by Google.

When the clipping is finished and you are satisfied, you can simply download the image in PNG format, which keeps the background transparent, and use it where you prefer.

However, note that it is not a perfect service. The more difficult it is to differentiate the person’s background, the more problems the tool will have. It is quite possible that, with time and the upload of new images, this will improve. Until then, see tips for getting well-cropped images:

  • The tool only works with people in the photo for now, and will always crop the person, not any other object;
  • Choose images whose background is very different from the person’s image, including in relation to hair color, eyes, etc;
  • The more contrast between the person and the rest of the image, the better the cutout will be;
  • You can upload a photo to the website, but you can also upload a URL.
removebg 02

Decent result / © AndroidPIT by Stella Dauer

Can you use stickers to make WhatsApp?

Yes, it does. By placing the desired photo in, you download the cropped image in PNG to your smartphone, and you can use the cropped background to have better stickers on WhatsApp. See below our article teaching how to produce your exclusive package: