CustomShortcuts para macOS

Free Mac app lets you control your keyboard shortcuts much more easily

CustomShortcuts para macOS

At System Preferences macOS features a specific area for you to control keyboard shortcuts of your computer, but it lacks intuitiveness and ease of use. If you want another software that serves the same purpose with a simpler and smarter operation, it’s worth taking a look at CustomShortcuts.

Free application from Houdah Software, CustomShortcuts has a simple interface: in the sidebar, you click on your most used applications to assign specific shortcuts to each of them (or, alternatively, configure global shortcuts that work throughout the system).

CustomShortcuts for macOS

The app is, above all, smart: it allows you to navigate hierarchies of menus and shortcuts more easily, suggests shortcuts automatically according to the action, warns about possible shortcut conflicts between different applications and allows you to copy / paste shortcuts easily between different areas of your Mac.

It does not need to run in the background, as it directly edits macOS shortcuts (only the interface layer on top is different). In addition, basically all system software is compatible with CustomShortcuts – if you accept custom keyboard shortcuts, it will work with it.

If you are interested, you can download it from the official website – once installed, just grant two authorizations for the app and run for the hug. Enjoy!

via Apple World Today