Free IOS Girl Games – Top 5 (Review)

Girls who use the iPhone love games to stimulate creativity or even pass the time. So in the App Store there are great games just for them. They are very fun and have a very colorful and lightweight graphic interface. We will introduce you to the top 5 games for girls available IOS. There are several types of games such as dress up games, barbie games or monster high games. There are girls who prefer cooking games, fashion games, polly games, puzzle games and many other popular kids games.

Our list of games for girls with iOS have been designed to meet girls who like to have fun not only with the feminine world, but also for those who like adventure and. Enjoy and choose the ones to download.

1 Nail Salon

The nails are part of the female body that, since always, receive special treatment. The game is set in a beauty salon environment and consists of making the most amazing nail designs. Of course, it's not limited in age: girls or women who are interested can have fun exploring their artistic skills. In this game creativity is the limit. You can decorate your nails the way you want.

NailSalon Advantages:

  • Very simple to assemble the creations;
  • There are several possible types of combinations and jewelry, stickers, pebbles, etc .;

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2 Celebrity SPA

Celebrity SPA a game app for IOS that takes girls from all over the world to live, even virtually, celebrity days. With this game, girls can test makeup, make up mannequins and many other things. That is, living days of designers. It is a game aimed at children, which helps to develop the imagination.

These new games allow girls to let go and create looks the way they want.

Celebrity SPA Advantages:

  • Very simple to play, has easy to understand functions;
  • Wide variety of parts that assemble various looks.

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3 Firemans Love Story Rescue Game

A game for girls who love love stories. The core idea of ​​Firemans Love Story is to build a successful relationship with Jake, the firefighter who takes on the role of good guy in the context of the game. The big balcony of the game is the simulation of a life for two, which teaches younger girls the nuances of a relationship.

He teaches respect and how to live together, often children do not have a good foundation of relationships at home. It has a very different proposal from princess games.

Firemans Love Story Advantages:

  • The stages of the game are stages of the couple's life and, to advance, the girl has to make the right choices;
  • The game has a simple but fun graphic interface.

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4 My goldfish My aquatic friend

Another game aimed at girls under 10. The classic idea of ​​starting to pass responsibilities through virtual friends is the central theme of the My Fishy app.

With a revamped interface, the app helps girls develop their cognitive skills by correlating things necessary for living, such as bedtime, eating, playing, studying, etc. The game is easy to use, very intuitive and suitable for small children, who can have fun without difficulties.

Advantages of My Goldfish:

  • Stimulates learning in a simple way;
  • The intuitive game – easily the child learns to handle it;
  • There are several steps and, among them, coloring pages.

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5 Pet Heroes Firemam

The Pet Heroes Other classic format of children's gamesBut here, brave pet firefighters will help the world get better. The game is to use your favorite animals as your heroes team., which is fixing all the cucumbers that emerge in the fictional city. Similar to pet shop and pet care games, but more interactive and more adventurous.

Pet Heroes Advantages:

  • Easy commands to play;
  • Animations designed for children;
  • Many steps to complete.

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6 – Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush

Strawberry Shortcake is a very dear character among girls and that is why this kid game became famous in the Play Store. With it you can bake delicious cakes, glide, asltar and discover the fantasy world of the city of Berry Bitty. Like the crash of the old, the character comes alive as she finds strawberries, cherries and other tasty fruits along the way.


  • Easy to play and recommended for children;
  • It has customization of clothes and accessories;
  • Various characters to choose from;
  • You have no in-app purchases.

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7 – Glam Doll House Doll House: Girls Craft

Doll house and fashion is a complete decoration game. With it you can use creativity to dress the princesses, unicorns and prepare a complete construction from the type of house so that each of the characters has where to live.

As phases go by, it is possible to build other types of buildings, such as shopping mall, pet shop, beauty sales and spa. The game stimulates handicrafts and has a lite version for those who do not have


  • Easy to play and recommended for children;
  • Ultra customization of environments;
  • Stimulates creativity and fashionist skills;
  • Free game for android and iphone;
  • It can be played in groups.

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8 – Make Up and Dress Up Games

The makeup and dress up game is a fun pastime for girls who like to assemble their own virtual looks. With her it is possible to build various characters by changing hair, makeup, clothes and accessories.


  • Large database of clothing and accessories
  • Easy to use
  • Playful and very colorful.

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9 – Masha Food Cooking Games

Masha is a very educational and playful game for girls, assembled through a scenario of pure fantasy. The goal is to make various types of food to feed the forest animals and ensure that none of them starve. However, I must be careful not to offer the wrong food to any animal.


  • Well constructed scenario;
  • Easy to use even by small children;
  • Several stages.

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10 – Girls Culinary Cake

The girls cake culinary a simple layout game for passing. With it it is possible to create various recipes online and offer to family member.

And the best recipes are for real, which helps the girl to assimilate how to make a cake truly – only that over the web. So if you make a mistake in the recipe it can come out smoked, small or smoky.


  • Light play that does not carry the internal memory of the phone;
  • Good pastime;
  • You can make your own cakes the way you want and not just as the recipe dictates;
  • Similar to a strategy game.

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11 – Cooking Academy 2

Still in the culinary field is cooking academy 2, an educational game in which each stage the user goes through a different international restaurant, learning from the game's step by step how to make the typical dishes of each region.

The game has various bonuses and curiosities that allow you to learn the techniques of preparing delicious recipes, as they are made in real life.


  • Educational game;
  • With difficulty levels, such as time control and difficulty preparing the dishes;
  • Well designed layout.
  • Has change characters.

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12 – Papa’s Chocolate Shop

The Chocolate Shop is a game to stimulate entrepreneurial vision. The goal is to manage a chocolate shop and can prepare customer orders in the shortest possible time. In this case I need to have enough agility and strategy to not fail to meet anyone. Also, I need to keep an eye out for buying new machines that increase production.


  • Strategy game;
  • member areas;
  • Business simulator games.

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Presenting the best games available on iOS for girls, now all you have to do is download and enjoy these fun and educational games. To download, just go to App store, enter game names and ask to install.

Then just follow the first steps explained in the games. If you want more tips check here the list of the 5 best games of all types for Iphone.

What's your favorite girl game?Write in the comments and help other players that will pass here!