Free games: Watch Dogs 2 and Killing Floor 2 are the choices of the week for the PC

Free games: Watch Dogs 2 and Killing Floor 2 are the choices of the week for the PC

One of this week's top free games Watch Dogs 2, only available this Sunday during Ubisoft Forward

Getting free games is always a very advantageous acquisition for PC players, especially when we talk about a big AAA, like Watch Dogs 2, and a beautiful multiplayer coop, like the violent Killing Floor 2. However, there are some specific ways to redeem these games, since the offer is for a limited time.

Watch Dogs 2

It is normal for large companies to draw or just distribute some free games in the season of events, such as E3. However, with the major problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest event in the video-game industry, the Electronic Entertainment Expo will not have an edition in 2020.

This forced several publishers to adopt their own model of presentation in digital formats, such as the upcoming Xbox Game Showcase it's the PlayStation – The Future of Gaming, in the revelation of PlayStation 5. Other initiatives, such as the Summer Game Festfrom the journalist Geoff Kheigley, creator of The Game Awards, has drawn attention with the revelation of games like Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remaster.

In our case, this Sunday, 12, the Ubisoft perform the Ubisoft Forward, is an event to update fans about games in development and carry out advertisements. This is also the occasion when the French publisher distributes some free games, such as Watch Dogs 2.

The main focus of Watch Dogs 2, one of this week's free games, hacking anyone Hacked and discovered information from several people in Watch Dogs 2.

The title is available for redemption after 4 pm at Horrio de Braslia, and you need to follow some simple steps to play it.

  1. Download and install the UPlay, launcher from Ubisoft;
  2. During the event, between 16:00 and 16:45, log in to your account and search for the game in the library. Just rescue it and go!

It is worth mentioning that due to the large number of players looking forward to obtaining free games, platforms may experience instability in the system. So, if there are connection difficulties, keep trying.

Watch Dogs 2 the sequence of its predecessor is not so successful. The first game was announced in 2012 and promised to be a revolutionary experience for the gaming industry, with extraordinary graphics for the time, random events, smooth gameplay and the ability to control a super skilled hacker in the city of Chicago. Unfortunately the game that was sold as the “Matador de GTA V”It was not well evaluated by the players and the press, but it achieved a good sales record, which guaranteed the sequence.

Watch Dogs 2 corrects technical mistakes of the past, and although it is not considered a fantastic experience, it will have a lot of fun. In the game, we control the character Marcus, another experienced hacker, but this time in the famous city of So Francisco.

Killing Floor 2

One of the biggest milestones in Killing Floor 2 is its explicit violence and enemies with frightening looks. Get ready for hours of violence and blood on Killing Floor 2.

Recently the Epic Games Store revealed another project for its free games system for the next few weeks, Killing Floor 2. Adding out to the developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive, the game will be available for free until the 16th of July. To redeem it:

  1. Do the download gives Epic Games Store on your computer;
  2. Log in and search for Killing Floor 2. Just search for the game in the store, click on obtain and "Place Order". Ready! The game already appears in your library.

Epic has launched more and more important projects in its monthly catalog of free games, as was the case with Grand Theft Auto V, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ubisoft Forward must count the presence of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Trackmania, Watch Dogs Legion and Far Cry 6, that have Giancarlo Espositovillain of Breaking Bad, like the antagonist, in addition to other big surprises. You can follow the event in real time through the Twitch and at Youtube, also give full coverage in the Showmetech.

To learn more about free games in the future and stay informed about the world of games and technology, stay tuned to Showmetech.