Free games on Live for September 2017

Games with Gold: jogos grátis na Live para setembro de 2017

Highlighting Forza Motorsport 5, September at Games with Gold will also have room for the horror of Oxenfree, Battlefield 3 shooting and the aquatic waters of Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Games with Gold: Free games on Live for September 2017 Forza Motorsport 5 will be one of the Games with Gold games of September

This weekend is happening the Gamescom 2017, famous gamer event that takes place in Germany. Microsoft has already made big announcements: special editions Xbox One S and X, Age of Empires IV and Xbox Game Pass in Brazil In September. That’s right! Starting on September 1, we will have the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s Netflix of games. The service is a subscription that gives you instant access to over 100 games.

September will also have new titles entering Games with Gold, and the list is full of successes. Be prepared for a month of September with terror, shooting and auto and water racing! Remember, both Xbox 360 games will be backwards compatible with Xbox One.

Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One)

Forza Motorsport 5 was one of the Xbox One launch titles in 2013. It had a great responsibility to be a game that demonstrated the power of the new generation Xbox and it did so successfully. Despite being less powerful than the PlayStation 4, the Microsoft console always extrapolates in quality when it is Forza. THE Forza Motorsport 7 will be released in October, but how about playing 5 in September to warm up already?

Oxenfree (Xbox One)

Oxenfree is another one of those indie games embraced by critics with rave reviews. The plot is similar to those 80s horror movies, that is, young friends getting into dangerous trouble. They wanted to make history so engaging that they even included points inspired by World War II events. It is interesting for you who control the game, because your decisions directly impact the history of the game. Visual and sound art, as we can see in the trailer, is beautiful for all eyes. Oxenfree is a great addition to the September Games with Gold.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Xbox 360)

Enjoying venturing with Trials Fusion at Games with Gold in August? Keep the adventurous line with Hydro Thunder Hurricane. The game puts you in the direction of powered water vehicles that go beyond reality. After all, water race already exciting, imagine with tuned jet skis.

Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360)

Battlefield has always tried to show a different gameplay, because with Call of Duty as a rival, it cannot be a mere «copy». EA showed in Battlefield 3 a redefinition of the franchise, especially in the multiplayer aspect, which was so successful. The story takes place in 2014 with various perspectives, with extreme points, in one moment you will be a United States marine, in another you will be an agent of Russian intelligence, and even more characters. BF3 will be the hardcore side of Games with Gold in September.

It’s still August, so there are still Games with Gold games from that month for you to enjoy. Don’t miss the opportunity to have these titles:

  • Slime Rancher (Xbox One) | Available until August 31
  • Fusion Trials (Xbox One) | Available until September 15th
  • Red Faction: Armageddon (Xbox 360) | Available until August 31

What did you think of the Games with Gold list for September? Comment below!