Free games on Live for October 2017

Games with Gold: jogos grátis na Live para outubro de 2017

A list with no big surprises: there’s indie, FPS, puzzle and platform adventure waiting for you in October on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Games with Gold: Free games on Live for October 2017

The Turing Test is one of the highlights of the Games with Gold of October

In September we will finally be awarded by Cuphead and Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One and Windows 10. September was also marked by the launch of definitive editions of ReCore and Halo Wars 2. Meanwhile, October promises a lot, with the arrival of one of the great games of the year, Middle-earth: Shadow of War. However, it will not be just that. Microsoft released the list of games for Games with Gold for October 2017. Check now the titles that will rock you next month! Remembering that the Xbox 360 games in the catalog are backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

Gone Home: Console Edition (Xbox One)

Available from the 1st to the 31st of October

You spent a year abroad and now all you want to do is return to the comfort of home. However, when you arrive, there is no one at home! Alone, the player’s task is to explore the residence to know what happened to your family. Gone Home is an example of conceptual indie, which creates its own brand through unique characteristics. The plot is made by the minds behind the Bioshock series, taking place in the 90’s. Besides that, there is no violence or puzzle to face, the game follows the rhythm of those who play it.

The Turing Test (Xbox One)

Available from October 16th to November 15th

Miss Portal, Valve? The Turing Test bet on a similar line, giving the player a weapon of energy to solve several puzzles. The game does not forget the importance of a good narrative. You will be an engineer for the International Space Agency, but you face several obstacles in your exploration to Europe, a Jupiter moon. From then on, a dense multi-layered story emerges, letting the player create their own theories, whether the most simple or conspiratorial.

Rayman 3 HD (Xbox 360)

Available from 1st to 15th October

Launched for the first Xbox, remastered for the 360 ​​and now coming free to One, Rayman 3 is a game that proves to be timeless. For you who only played the recent Rayman games, it may be strange to 3D gameplay, but it was like that. Rayman 3 HD has a simple story, but has that classic dash of humor of the franchise, besides being a lot of fun to play. Worth downloading!

Medal of Honor: Airborne (Xbox 360)

Available from October 16th to November 15th

Let’s go back to the days of Medal of Honor! Airbone focuses on missions in which soldiers descended from planes, in a kind of surprise attack. THE freedom marks this title, because the player can choose where to fall at the beginning of the mission, without having to follow certain paths, and all of this without barriers, giving greater exploration capacity. All of this, of course, in Second World War, passing through Italy, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

While you wait for these titles, watch out for those that are still free this September by Games with Gold:

  • Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One) | Available until September 30
  • Oxenfree (Xbox One) | Available until October 15th
  • Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360) | Available until September 30

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