free games on Live for July 2017

Games with Gold: jogos grátis na Live para julho de 2017

In July, expect indie, competitive party games, violent and also LEGO mixed with Pirates of the Caribbean

Games with Gold: free games on Live for July 2017Grow Up, successor to the well-received Grow Home, will be free on Xbox One in July with Games with Gold

Enjoying the June festivities this year? We know well how bonfire, dance, fireworks and corn make a good combination. However, July should not disappoint, not with the Games with Gold program. Today we had the reveal of the free titles for July! Wait for games indies, competitive for parties, violent and also LEGO. Recalling that the selected Xbox 360 games will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One, including the not yet released Xbox One X. The console was presented during the Microsoft conference at E3 2017, along with 42 games, 22 of which are exclusive. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox, says he still has a lot of first-party AAA coming. In the meantime, we can indulge anxiety with Games with Gold. Check out the July list!

Grow Up (Xbox One)

Available from the 1st until the 30th of July

Runbow (Xbox One)

Available from July 16th to August 15th

Kane & Lynch 2 (Xbox 360)

Available from the 1st until the 15th of July

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (Xbox 360)

Available from the 16th to the 30th of July

June is not over yet, not even the period to get that month’s Games with Gold games. Check out the ones that are still available:

  • SpeedRunners (Xbox One) | Available until June 31
  • Watch Dogs (Xbox One) | Available until July 15th
  • Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360) | Available until June 30
  • Phantom Dust DLC (Xbox One) | Available until June 30

July may not offer as much action as June, but it is good to remember that Microsoft has been trying to show that it is also interested in the more childlike public. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and Grow Up can please children as much as adults. Anyway, they are good titles that add value to the Games with Gold program.

Which game for July caught your attention the most? Comment below!