Free chat apps with support for push notifications

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After the success of BeejiveIM, which brought chat programs (MSN and others) with the function of push notifications to the iPhone, some other free solutions appeared. Let’s look at some of them now.


NimbuzzTHE Nimbuzz (link) this morning updated its instant messaging client, bringing the push feature. All in Portuguese, it allows adding several social services, including MSN, AOL and GoogleTalk. It also makes calls via VoIP via Skype or other services.

Push notifications

The big difference to other programs of its kind is that push warnings do not occur through pop-up windows. It simply displays a numeric label over the application icon, which makes it impossible to see who sent you a message.

Supported networks VoIP

The most interesting is the VoIP Dialed telephone calls service. Although the program does not make calls over the 3G network, it has a service where the application calls a local number and makes the call. You only pay the price for a local call. For Brazil, only a number of São Paulo is available.


Nimbuzz is available for iPhone and iPod touch with OS from 2.0. However, some functions (such as push) are limited to version 3.0 of the system.

eBuddyTHE eBuddy (link) has been out for a long time and many people have been asking us to talk about him.


It is very simple and basic, also supporting several chat protocols. Perhaps the answer for those who just want a push MSN without paying anything.

What I did not like is that the push pop-up notices do not show the message, only the notification that someone has written to you. That is, you are required to reopen the application to read it.


EBuddy is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch with OS 2.0 or later.

FringTHE Fring it’s everyone’s big disappointment. Launched last year with much fanfare, it does not seem to have had the competence to update itself to the new features of OS 3.0 and, worse, it uses lies to deceive users. Despite having published on his blog that the reality was different from the description of the application due to a technical problem, our reader Eduardo sent us an email that he received yesterday company, still using the Push function in its advertising, which does not exist.


Companies that try to deceive the consumer should be overlooked. I already deleted it from my device, with the right to place only one star in the evaluation. Is that you?