Free broadband becomes electoral promise in Spain

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All Andalusians will be entitled to free access to broadband Internet at a rate of at least 1 Mb. The promise is from the current president of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a and is part of the range of proposals with which the politician wants to be re-elected by sixth time.

Alongside the traditional promises of better access to housing, work and health, Manuel Chaves wants to captivate his population with the expectation of free access to the Internet, which is already causing controversy among competitors due to the high costs that the measure would have for the region.

Even so, the socialists, guarantee that if they are elected the idea will advance and even guarantee that the negotiations with the telecommunications operators are already advanced.

The facilities would only be available to those who agreed to hire the speed agreed with the operators, which is estimated to be around 78 percent of the population, a number well above what statistics today point to as a percentage of Andalusians with access to the network, about 42 percent. cent.

According to calculations already carried out, the measure would have an annual cost for the Andalusian junta of 60 to 70 million euros, an issue that, at least in campaign time, seems to be overcome.

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