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Free application allows sending SMS and emails to pre-defined groups on the iPhone

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Since the launch of the system iOS 3.0, you can send SMS messages to multiple recipients at once. However, for that it is necessary to add them one by one; there is natively no possibility of using the groups in the agenda to facilitate the service.

Fortunately, some developers thought about the problem and created solutions for users. One is the app Group SMS Lite.

For those who need the function, it is ideal, as it uses the contact groups in the device’s phonebook to send messages. For example, if you are organizing a party and need to keep all the guests informed, you can send several torpedoes to everyone, without having to add one at a time.

The application also does the same thing for email, allowing you to select a contact group to send messages, all directly in it.

The only thing is that, as it is not a native solution, you do not have the history of your messages. For the rest, it fulfills its role very well, at least until Apple has adopted the function.

THE Group SMS Lite can be downloaded from the App Store (link) for free. Requires iOS 4.0.

In the full version of the app ($ 0.99) it is possible to create groups directly on the device, which is also very practical. ?