Swift wins performance tools and package catalog at IBM

Free Apple material helps teachers teach the Swift programming language

We have already indicated several free content on the Swift (new programming language from Apple) here on the website, as one prepared by Stanford University, another by PUCRS, a Brazilian channel on YouTube, the iSwift website, in addition to two ebooks and the official Apple blog.

Now we have a different tip: this is the App Development: Teaching Swift which, according to the official description, is a collection of resources to help educators bring Swift to classrooms.


The material is available on both GitHub and iTunes U and, although it was produced by Yong Bakos (professor at Southern Methodist University), is being promoted as an official Apple content.

If you are self-taught or a teacher, there is one more option of material for both you to learn and to help in your teachings; now, if you want to enter this world and prefer to study with a teacher, our Quaddro partners are the right professionals for that.

(tip from Fabio Fiss)