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Free app makes its retrospective of the year on Apple Music

A few weeks ago Spotify users were honored by Wrapped It's a special page with the 2018 retrospective, showing the songs you listened to the most, how long you used Spotify, which band you liked the most, and so on.

Apple has even published its retrospective of the year, but it is generic of its stores. So far we had no way of getting a personal overview of the Apple music.

Share Music Graphics app icon

With the free app Music Year in ReviewNoiseHub, this is no longer a problem.

It doesn't bring you as full / cool a look as Spotify, but at least you can quickly check out the songs, artists, and genres you've heard the most that matter most after all. With a touch, you share your graphics to Stories from Instagram or Twitter if you want.

Obviously, the application is only so limited because it relies on information that Apple Music itself can provide to it. Maybe the best thing in 2019?

via TechCrunch