Screenshot do app Activity Stats

Free app keeps track of your activity data at all times

Screenshot do app Activity Stats

The application Activity, from Apple Watch, represents one of the biggest hits of Apple in relation to your watch: it is he who gathers the measurement of your physical exercises, walks and other movements, placing the device as an ideal companion for you to rock your body and have a healthier life.

All very well, all very well, but what if you want to see all your data gathered since the first day you put an Apple Watch on your wrist? With the Activity app, it’s impossible: it gathers only data per period, without offering a «complete» view of your exercises. This is exactly where the Activity Statsfrom the developer Rahul Matta.

Activity Stats app iconActivity Stats app screenshot

The app’s function is very simple: when you open it for the first time on your iPhone or iPad, it calculates your “total” activity data, from the first measurement, and displays these numbers in a beautiful colored list. With that, you can see the total calories expended, the number of hours you spent exercising, the total steps you took, the distance walked, running, cycling and more.

The top of the app shows the starting date on which this data was collected, and it will be updated in real time as you perform more physical activities – which can even be a good incentive for you to keep moving around at home, during the period of social isolation.

Activity Stats is available for free on the App Store. Now tell me, how are your numbers?

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