Free alternative to Office with new version available

Free alternative to Office with new version available

The latest version of the productivity suite is now available for download and the Portuguese version is released simultaneously with the English version.

Faster startup, new functions, improvements and corrections to the previous version are some of the new features that can be found by those who download the new version of the free software.

Some examples of new features in the new version are improvements to the spreadsheet, renewal of the graphics module to facilitate use and include new graphics, as well as improvements in terms of compatibility with the ODF format (Open Document Format) and with the Microsoft suite , Office. A guide with detailed information about the new features of the version is available online. integrates a word processing tool, spreadsheet, presentations, graphs, formulas and database in a combination identical to that which Microsoft also uses in its productivity tools package.

The previous version of OpenOffice was launched last year and has since added more than one hundred million downloads, counting only requests made through the main electronic address for the purpose, explain the promoters of the initiative in a statement.

In Portugal, version 3, in Portuguese, was downloaded 160 thousand times (since October 2008), to which 500 thousand installations were added in Magalhães and another 60 thousand in e-school laptops.