Free action games for Android

Looking for a game with a lot of adrenaline to pass the time on mobile or tablet? With more and more games being developed, The Play Store has a plethora of live games. It is recommended for gamers, but the application description is not always true to the game and describes exactly what you need to know before deciding which game to download.

In this article, we have filtered through the three best action games for Android that you can try out, describing exactly what is needed to start a thrilling game. Check out the games below and learn how their gameplay, style and recommendations:

  1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout;
  2. Free Fire 1.16.0;
  3. PUBG Mobile.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Free action games for Android

An exciting shooter, Modern Combat 5: Blackout was developed by Gameloft, in its creation there was a profound restructuring in the style of the game. They were long linear missions in campaign mode, and came in short and very fun missions.

This game provides a player mode with six missions in different scenarios, but the focus of this game is on multiplayer games.

In addition to the traditional knockout, shooting games, there is also the dispute between groups called cls, which are groups of players; and includes disputes between other teams, leaving the games dynamic.

For those who don't like or have difficulty controlling Android action games on the touchscreen, the Modern Combat 5 provides a second option with support for controls via Bluetooth. Which helps a lot by making the gameplay simple for beginner or veteran.

Positive aspects of the game:

  • Multiplayer, which makes it fun;
  • Simple gameplay, no harms beginners;
  • Disputes between cls;
  • Short Misses;

Free Fire 1.16.0

Free action games for Android

Free Fire is a shooting game that involves having the survival instinct. Each match in this game lasts at least 10 minutes. When the match started, The scenery is a remote island where you will have to face 50 other playersAll with one goal: Survive throughout the match!

The game starts with everyone on a plane, ready to jump, at which time everyone can freely choose the starting point with the parachute, always trying to stay in the safety zone for as long as possible. This game also has several vehicles that make it easy to explore the vast map.

Use the resources, hide in the trenches or be invisible, this is possible when lying under the grass. Ambush when needed (think strategically), shoot your enemies, gather as many equipment as you can; There is only one goal in this game: to survive.

One of the game's big differences is the ability to use a chat to talk to allies., during the matches. Although the map is quite large and the level of the graph is detailed, this game does very well when it comes to performance, no worries, it has great performance on older androids.

Positive aspects of the game:

  • This free game has a great look;
  • Interface and gameplay are simple being good for beginners or veterans;
  • Built to perform well on a variety of non-locking phones, including old phones;
  • Lets you team up to 4 people with in-game voice chat.

PUBG Mobile

Free action games for Android

PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, a game developed for PCs (download via Steam) and Xbox One. Released by Tencent Games, completely free for Android and iOS, PUBG brings exciting and complete handheld device experience, with good graphics and simple gameplay.

Using touch control to aim can upset beginners a lot, thinking about it The game has a number of settings and adjustments, which can make this task much easier. There is the option to add or remove functions, as well as change the sensitivity of the touch, making the commands more natural during play and accessible to your style.

To survive on PUBG Mobile, important to be on constant watch. For this, the game offers the option of checking around while moving or even without moving. Always use this function to avoid surprises.

Learn the positives of the game:

  • The game offers a good variety of vehicles scattered around the map, which can be used freely during matches;
  • Auto racing leaves your finger free to navigate the map;
  • Daily login reward system, making it possible to win different items;
  • Simple gameplay for beginners or more experienced.

All of the online games on this list are free, and some offer built-in item purchases that make it easy to level up with more advanced tools. Did you like the recommended games? J play any of them? Leave your impressions in the comments below.