Fraudsters move 300 thousand euros on the Internet

Intel was also the victim of a sophisticated attack

The investigation began about a month and a half ago, following a complaint lodged by Unicre and Paywatch – Fraud Detection Services.

The system used by con artists is not new: the credit card details given by customers to pay for services were copied and used later to make purchases on the Internet.

The scheme will have allowed bank movements of around 300 thousand euros. So far, the actual damage corresponds to 70 thousand euros, but the investigations have not yet ended, the total amount of the scams and the actual number of injured people have yet to be determined.

The two detainees, aged 33 and 42, were subjected to judicial interrogation and were obliged to perform daily and forbidden to leave the country, having been seized their passports.

Just over a month ago, the PJ announced the arrest of three men for counterfeiting credit cards and computer fraud. In this case, the cloned cards were used to make withdrawals, but the losses did not exceed 2 thousand euros.

Figures for credit card fraud complaints increased by 200 percent between the period of October 2008 and May 2009, when an average of 40 complaints per month were recorded, according to the data provided, by the date, by the Judiciary.