France wants to professionalize users who live on eBay sales

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EBay reached an agreement with the French government. The partnership provides that users of the platform who earn more than 2 thousand euros per month in sales on the platform are professionalized, writes the digital daily Liberatión.

The measure, announced by the government itself, is the first step in a series of agreements that will be signed by September with other electronic commerce channels among Internet users, guaranteed the Secretary of State for the Development of the Digital Economy, Eric Besson.

With this measure, the French State intends to encourage private individuals to assume the status of «self-entrepreneurs», which is debated in parliament under the Bill-for the modernization of the economy.

That statute provides for the implementation of a new simplified tax and social regime for all those who want to launch a business, said the Secretary of State for Commerce, Hervé Novelli, as is the case with internet users who made sales online your profession.

Within the scope of the partnership, and to fight against users who live off the sales they make online, eBay will block the accounts of Internet users who earn more than 2 thousand euros a month and who refuse to obtain the status of professionals, points out Alexander Von Schirmeister, director of eBay in France.

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