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France Telecom moves forward with fiber optic pilot

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France Telecom has announced the start of a broadband pilot that will bring high-speed Internet, through optical fiber, to its customers’ homes.

For now only 100 customers from the incumbent French will be able to enjoy services supported by the new FTTH infrastructure – Fiber to The Home, but in the long term the objective is to extend coverage to a wider range of customers.

The operator has already built 100 kilometers of fiber, using a new technology called GPON (Giga Passive Optical Network) that allows a speed of download 2.5 Gbits.

Customers wishing to join will have to pay 70 euros per month for the service, which entitles them to Internet, television and telephone, all included in a flat rate and with installation.

It should be recalled that PT also recently announced its intention to advance fiber optics to customers’ homes and significantly increase the bandwidth offered.

The incumbent Portuguese hopes to advance in this direction in two to three years, although he recognizes that it is necessary to introduce more favorable regulatory conditions to do so.

In Germany and Spain, incumbent operators also have similar plans.

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