France Telecom launches ADSL2 in Paris with 18 Mbps speed

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Continuing the plan for companies «Haut Débit pour Tous», France Telecom advanced yesterday with ADSL 2+, a new high-speed Internet offer limited, in a first phase, to 3,000 customers in the city of Paris.

The French operator’s ADSL 2+ will allow Internet access at a rate of 18 Mbps, and if customers join the promotional campaign, it will have an associated cost of 34.90 euros per month during the first six months of membership and 44.90 euros in the remaining six months of contract obligation.

In addition to the maximum throughput of 18 Mbps, ADSL 2+ also integrates Wanadoo’s «anti virus mail» and «anti-spam Plus» solutions. «The combination of these two options makes it possible to offer a comprehensive ‘turnkey’ solution in terms of protecting messages against known viruses and spam«, justifies France Telecom in a press release.

The French operator adds that this new offer of very high speed Internet will start to be extended to other metropolitan regions of France during the first semester of 2005.

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