France Telecom has sold more than 70 thousand iPhones

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France Telecom announced that its mobile division, Orange, has sold more than 70,000 iPhones since the mobile phone hit the market in late November. The number of devices corresponds to the expectations of the company, which estimated a sales volume between 50 and 100 thousand mobile phones.

Orange has the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the country, where it sells the device for 399 euros or for 749 euros, depending on whether the phone is connected to a contract or unlocked. According to AFP, 48 percent of Orange’s sales refer to new subscribers, while just under 3,500 pieces of equipment were purchased without a contract.

It should also be borne in mind that of the total iPhones sold, 30 thousand were shipped in the first week of the equipment on the market, which reflects a slowdown in demand in the days that followed.

Even so, France Telecom believes that the iPhone will continue to be sought after and sets a new target for 2008: the sale of 400 to 500 thousand pieces of equipment throughout this year.

On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, the Carphone Warehouse chain stores started to register a strong sales volume in the first days of the iPhone in the British market.

However, as time went by, demand decreased, and there were weeks when only one equipment was sold. In recent weeks, this trend has changed, although the numbers are still not satisfactory. At stake is the price of the equipment, the main obstacle for consumers.

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