France Telecom extends the reach of DĂ©bitMax2 to 14 new cities

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Following the «Haut Débit pour Tous» program, France Telecoman announced the extension of the ADSL 2+ offer to 14 more French cities. So far the service has been available to only three thousand Paris customers, guaranteeing traffic of up to 18 megabits.

With DébitMax 2, customers can now benefit from broadband Internet with downloads up to 18 megs and uploads up to 1 mega, taking advantage of the variety of services available (games, video, video conferencing, photo albums, sending email, etc). The internet user can divide the bandwidth of his connection and perform several tasks simultaneously, with all fluidity and more speed and also benefiting from «anti virus mail» and «anti-spam Plus» options.

The DĂ©bitMax 2 offer is available at a promotional price of 34.90 euros for the first six months, increasing to 44.90 euros in the remaining six months of contractual obligation. DĂ©bitMax 2 is also valid for reservations, availability and compatibility in the areas covered by ADSL 2 +.

ADSL 2+ technology is a standard that allows the increase in the bandwidth of the spectrum of useful frequencies, although it requires a network of adapted equipment.

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