France Telecom advances with video on demand service for TV, mobile and Internet

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

France Telecom announced the availability of a new offer of video on demand that will be available for television, video and the Internet. The new offer, launched on the network of MaLigne Tv, has the collaboration of 20 partners that allow the offer of 600 programs.

The 24/24 VIDEO brings together the offer of video on demand already made available by the Wanadoo portal since 2002, but it adds diversity of content and new ways to access that content, explains a statement.

Through a unique and free multimedia player, users of the new service, customers of the operator’s Internet service (Wanadoo), can access musical content or watch DVD quality videos. The statement adds that, as a result of the agreement with Intel, the service adapts to the Viiv platform, guaranteeing a set of interactive services.

For users of the Orange mobile service, access to 24/24 Video will be possible within a short time. For now, the offer available at the video level allows the operator’s customers to choose from 2,500 available video sequels.

In terms of television, the offer has been available to MaLigne TV customers since 2003 with a list of 600 programs, selected for different types of audiences and updated every week.

MaLigne TV was launched by France Telecom in late 2003 and encompasses television broadcasting, Internet access and telephone, using the telephone line to deliver services.

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