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France returns to anti-piracy law on April 29

French piracy law goes on vacation without definitive yes

France takes the vote again on April 29 on the anti-piracy legislative proposal, also known as the three warnings law. The first vote took place on the 9th of April and the result surprised. Sarkozy’s proposal was rejected, in a mix of lack of quorum in Parliament and votes against two members of his party, unhappy with a last minute change decided by committee that drafted the version for approval in Parliament.

The two deputies did not agree that Internet users disconnected after three warnings for illegal activities on the Internet and prevented from re-hiring a connection for a period that may vary between one month and one year, also had to continue to pay the monthly fee for the service. during this period.

This is one of the controversial points of the legislation. Another is that it limits citizens’ access to the Internet for a period of time, considered by Sarkozy’s opponents to be a fundamental right.

If it had been passed, the legislation would create in France one of the toughest legislative frameworks in the world, against piracy.

The new vote, foreseen by the French Law as long as changes are introduced to the proposal already voted, is definitive and according to some experts cited in the international press, it should have a different outcome from the previous one, since greater representativeness of the Government’s conservatives in Parliament is expected at the date of the vote, which did not happen on the eve of the Easter holidays.

The date of the new vote was scheduled by the Conference of Presidents of the National Assembly. It will still be reviewed next week but is not expected to change.