France presents ¬ęcyber-customs¬Ľ

France presents "cyber-customs"

French Minister Eric Woerth introduced a ¬ęcyber-customs¬Ľ service, a system designed to fight trafficking in medicines, weapons and counterfeit goods among other counterfeit products, writes AFP.

The service will be the responsibility of eight analysts and seven researchers specializing in new technologies whose mission is to detect illegal transactions on the Internet, as well as activate appropriate border controls in case of suspicious situations.

The French Minister for the Budget, Public Accounts and the Civil Service pointed to the cyber-customs of the state as a system of ¬ęsecurity for consumers¬Ľ and ¬ęprotection against illegal trade¬Ľ.

The creation of this service is just the first measure of an ¬ęambitious plan¬Ľ to fight economic delinquency on the Internet, the minister said.

The plan’s three priorities are strengthening the means of customs control, cooperation between the public sector and Internet access service providers and the responsibility of consumers, who will have to be alert to possible cases of fraud.