France prepares law to «censor» Internet

غالبية الأوروبيين ضد قوانين مكافحة القرصنة الأكثر صرامة

The French government is preparing a law to end Internet neutrality in the country. The objective is to censor some content, contrary to what has been discussed in other situations, in which the issue is to give priority to some services in terms of traffic.

According to a report by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, mentioning the publication of a report by the Secretariat of State for the Digital Economy, which intends to influence the vote of members of the Government, it is very likely that in September the French Senate will approve the so-called Law Loppsi, which will then allow blocking certain types of content.

Child pornography is the main target of this legislation, but its scope may be broadened, despite promises initially made by the French Secretary of State.

On the other hand, the newspaper writes that other bills that may threaten freedom of expression, such as a proposal submitted by one of the members of the Government party that wants to compel bloggers to register before they can publish their posts.

There is another proposal within the same party that suggests the integration of a chip in French identification documents that will serve – among other things – to compel citizens to identify themselves whenever they access the Internet.

This will be another controversy to add to the “famous” Lei Hadopi, which foresees the cut of the Internet connection for those who do downloads illegal, or let others use your PC for that purpose.