France maintains system of three alerts

French piracy law goes on vacation without definitive yes

The French continue the debate over the Création et Internet or Hadopi law and ignore the Brussels decisions in the face of the report by Mr Stavros Lambrindi, who rejects the cut in Internet access for those who download files illegally.

According to Culture Minister Christine Albanel, the community opinion has «no legislative value» since the European Parliament only «approved a report, not a law of a community nature», which will not affect the legislation of the member countries.

The minister’s position caused some buzz on the socialist bench and it was not long before the socialist bench was heard to say that the three warning rule «is not a good law». «When there are so many voices against, when a law has such a difficult application, so unpredictable and random from a technical point of view, when a law creates so much distrust for Internet users […] it means that it is not a good law «, points out a socialist deputy quoted by the French press.

Regardless of the divergences of opinions, the debate also focused on how the measure will have an impact in the European context and the deputies debated on the possible figure that will take control of Commissioner Hadopi, the entity responsible for issuing alerts and cutting access to offenders.

The French Government rejected the socialist proposal to introduce a representation of Internet users in the management group and decreed that, in a first phase, it will be the State that decrees the highest responsibility of the association. Subsequently, the election starts to take place among the members of the entity.

This decision caused controversy since the role of the Government in the election of the person responsible for Hadopi goes against what had already been proclaimed: the independence of the body.