Framework will allow bringing some 3D Touch animations to other iPhones and iPads

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The iPhone 6s came with an interesting novelty: the ability to identify the strength of finger pressure on the screen. The function called 3D Touch allows you to view images without opening them, preview messages and emails before they are even opened, as well as shortcuts in the icons of the apps.

Thanks to an open-source framework, it is now possible to have some of these animations also on other devices that do not have 3D Touch.

When Apple launched the iPhone 6s, many questioned whether this same function could not be implemented without the need for special hardware. After all, it would be enough to keep your finger on the screen for a few fractions of a second to activate the popup of the shortcuts. To further reinforce the argument, the Instagram showed that this was possible by implementing 3D Touch-like animations in photo previews even on older devices.

Now, any developer can implement this in their application, thanks to a Swift framework called PeekPop, which is available on Github. As the name says, it reproduces the effect ā€œpeek & popā€In the images contained in the application, without having to put force on the finger. It is important to note that the application that has the function cannot influence the rest of the system, only within itself.

Of course, 3D Touch is not limited to the animations of the Peek & Pop. But for those who donā€™t have the new device, at least they can benefit from one of the new interactions that it provides.

Because it is written in Swift, it is only compatible with iOS from version 8. Now it depends on the developers to implement the novelty in their own apps.

via TNW