Foxconn would be investing heavily in microLED screens for future iPhones

Foxconn would be investing heavily in microLED screens for future iPhones

The technology microLED It's on Apple's radar, and we can't even say it's something new. Before we get into the details, it is good to explain what the microLED.

What is microLED?

MicroLED is a technology consisting of arrays of microscopic LEDs that form the elements of individual pixels. Unlike OLED technology, microLED is based on conventional GaN LED technology, which offers a much higher total brightness than that produced by OLED (up to 30x more), as well as greater lux / W efficiency.

In short, in addition to a higher brightness, microLED has a longer service life and less susceptible technology. burn in or loss of light over time.

Why aren't we seeing smartphones and other gadgets with this technology then? The simple answer: produce a still very expensive microLED display. That, however, may change.

Apple's interest

In 2014, for example, Ma acquired LuxVue, a company specializing in low power microLED displays. Years later, it was rumored that Apple would be manufacturing its own microLED displays for use in Apple Watch, and a while later Ma even visited microLED displays manufacturers in Taiwan.

Now, Foxconn, Apple's big partner in the manufacture / assembly of various products seems interested in getting into the game, which could undoubtedly benefit Apple.

According to DigiTimes quoting a newspaper article Economic Daily News , the Asian giant would be expanding its investments in microLED technology to secure for itself orders from these screens made by Apple for future iPhones. Three subsidiaries of Foxconn (Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Epileds Technologies and Marketech International) would be developing and increasing their microLED display production capabilities.

Speaking specifically of AOT, the subject mentions that it would be developing microLED panels for a variety of devices, including monitors, laptops, gaming devices, car consoles and more. Epileds, in turn, would be one of the few Taiwanese companies that are proficient at producing miniLED RGB chips, the RGB technology essential for microLED development. Marketech has already announced that it has entered into a collaborative agreement with Imec (Belgian nanoelectric center) for the development of test equipment for the manufacture of microLED panels.

Apparently the scenario is brewing to see Apple Watches, iPhones and, perhaps, some larger screen products (such as notebooks) being launched with microLED screens in the not too distant future.

via 9to5Mac