Foxconn says it can already produce enough iPhones outside China

Foxconn says it can already produce enough iPhones outside China

As many of you may know, the United States and the China They are not exactly on good commercial terms. Although the tariff war between the two countries has affected several companies, Apple has certainly received the most attention since the unrest between the two countries began.

However, the situation of the Cupertino giant is even more delicate when we analyze its production. It's a secret that most Chinese-made Ma hardware, some of which (such as shippers and cases) is now priced by the White House in the US. However, it could be hit even harder if these charges go down on iPhones, their gadget flagship.

In an attempt to circumvent this possibility, Apple and some of its suppliers, such as Foxconn and Wistron, are expanding their production (mainly iPhones) to other countries, especially India. Pegatron, another Ma partner factory, is also expected to move part of MacBook production to Indonesia.

But will these efforts be enough to meet production demand outside China? According to the head of the semiconductor division of FoxconnYoung Liu, Yes. The executive commented on Apple's production at an investor meeting in Taip (Taiwan) today, as reported by Bloomberg.

According to Liu, Foxconn fully supports the Cupertino giant if it needs to adjust its production, as the "US-China trade dispute is becoming more unpredictable." In this regard, he said he would be able to meet production demand for the US market with Foxconn factories outside China.

25% of our production capacity is outside China and we can help Apple meet your needs in the US market. We have enough capacity to meet Apple demand.

For now, Apple has not ordered Foxconn to transfer most of its device production outside of China, as it can also move it elsewhere (such as India, Indonesia and Vietnam) according to its needs. .

Thus, it is possible even if part of the production is carried out in the USA; After all, last January we commented on the possibility that Foxconn could finally build its promised factory in the state of Wisconsin. The biggest problem here, obviously, would be the local costs involved.