Toshiba denies rumors about new Apple-sponsored LCD factory

Foxconn may close factories located in China

Foxconn's situation with its factories in China has become more complicated in recent months, due to the public opinion's attention to the cases of suicides in its facilities that manufacture, among other products, Macs, iPods and iPhones. And now, with the possibility of being forced to spend even more on wages and charge more to her customers, the speculation that she is considering closing factories in the most populous country in the world is quite strange.

Workers at Apple partner factories

It is difficult to guarantee that this rumor is true, but it is a decision that could lead to the dismissal of more than 800 thousand workers. It wouldn't be easy to do this overnight, so there is certainly an overkill on the subject.

A few weeks ago, Steve Jobs commented on Foxconn's cases at the D8: All Things Digital conference, claiming that Apple is trying to help the company solve this suicide issue by employing some of its own employees at Asian facilities. It will be difficult for more details on the subject to appear in the short term, but closing factories in droves should not be the best solution for this, in my opinion.

(via AppleInsider)