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Foxconn founder leaves CEO role and asks Apple to manufacture in Taiwan

Just over two months ago, the executive Terry gou, founder of Foxconn (one of Apple's biggest suppliers), announced that he would step down from the company which was officially announced yesterday at a Foxconn annual meeting.

Gou said that from now on, at the age of 69, preparing for the presidential race of Taiwan, as reported by Yahoo.

In addition to being CEO, Gou is also Foxconn's largest shareholder and therefore remains on the company's board of directors. The company's current semiconductor chief of business, Young Liu, takes over as chairman while the company is also run by committees.

Liu takes over the helm of Foxconn at a delicate time for the company in China (which is even the country's largest private employer), due to the country's notorious trade war with the United States. As we pointed out, the escalation of tensions between the two powers hurt Apple and much of the business of companies like Foxconn in China, mainly.

Manufacturing in Taiwan

Precisely for the imbroglio between US and China, the founder of Foxconn asked Apple that transfer part of your extensive production chain from China to Taiwan, where Foxconn is headquartered.

Gou has not elaborated much on how or what step these talks are with Apple, saying only that "he is asking Apple to move to Taiwan" and that such a move is "very possible," as reported by Apple. Bloomberg.

A few months ago, we noted that most Apple suppliers are seeking to expand to countries other than China to avoid US government tariffs on products made in China. Even last week, the newly appointed president of the supplier said the company can already produce enough iPhones outside of China.

However, the Bloomberg suggests that Gou's request could be a double-edged sword for Foxconn, as a significant shift in consumer goods production from China to Taiwan (which Beijing sees as part of its territory) could exacerbate tensions between the two governments. .

In fact, the board is hot not only for Apple as well as for almost all of its production line in China. It remains for us to continue to follow this case to see how the Cupertino giant and its partners intend to circumvent this complicated situation.