Foxconn expands hires to manufacture new iPhones

Foxconn expands hires to manufacture new iPhones

We are about to enter August, which means that we have a little more than six weeks before the presentation of the brand new iPhones. As the date approaches, some of Apple’s main partners are opening more positions to meet demand, as in the case of Foxconn.

According to Economic Daily News, Apple’s largest supplier is expanding its seasonal hiring in Shenzhen (China), as well as offering bonuses to existing employees up to CNY4,500 (~ R $ 2,472) so that they renew their contracts immediately.

All these efforts are expected to meet the initial manufacturing demand for the new iPhones, which, in the first weeks of sales, tend to reach tens of millions of units; As we reported last week, some analysts predict that Apple will market around 75 million devices between September and January 2020.

Still according to the Economic Daily News, Foxconn’s Chinese factories are expected to produce both top-of-the-line models (successors to the iPhones XS and XS Max), while part of the orders for the successor model to the iPhone XR will be assembled at the manufacturer’s Indian facilities.

This year’s line of iPhones is expected to be similar to the current one: three devices, two with an OLED screen and one with an LCD screen. The main change has everything to be the cameras, which are expected to increase from two to three in the flagships and one to two on the entry model – not to mention the front camera, which must also be updated.

via MacRumors