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Foxconn changes plans for US factory and will no longer produce iPhones screens [atualizado]

There is such a story that it is certainly gone from your memory (as it was already gone from mine), so here is a brief summary for all to remember: about three years ago, the Foxconn announced an investment of $ 10 billion to build a factory in Wisconsin (United States), which would initially produce LCD screens for televisions.

A few months later, we commented here that Apple's partner had put a brake on plans and, instead of producing large panels, would make a small savings and produce only LCD screens for smartphones (like the iPhone) in space, which would cost less money. Now it seems that plans have once again been reduced and the prospect of producing iPhone screens in the US has gone to Belelu, as the space will not even be a factory anymore.

In interview ReutersLouis Woo special assistant to Foxconn's CEO said the company “is not building a factory” in Wisconsin; instead, what is being erected by there is a technological center for research and development. The workers of the complex will be especially engineers and researchers who will focus mainly on the study of new technologies for equipment assembly and production.

Some problems arise from this wind shift: for Apple, the bad news because the company was certainly relying on LCD production in the US to please President Trump who, as is well known, has been pushing Ma and all the big US companies. to manufacture or assemble their products (or parts thereof) in the country.

Worse still, the job creation expected by the construction of the complex is dwindling by the day: initially, Foxconn said it had an estimate of hiring about 13,000 people in Wisconsin; then the idea was to have about 5,200 active jobs by the end of 2020. Now, a source close to the subject claims that the technology center will employ only about 1,000 people.

Whereas the Wisconsin government has granted $ 4 billion In Foxconn's tax subsidies for the construction of the complex, such an estimate would mean that for the creation of each new job, the state would spend about $ 4 million, which is making local residents somewhat dissatisfied.

It remains to be known now when Foxconn's plans will be finalized and whether there is still any chance that the investments made by the public power will have a satisfactory return to the population.

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Update by Eduardo Marques 1/31/2019 s 11:16

According to the DigiTimes, Foxconn is reevaluating plans for this venture in Wisconsin, but that it is still a priority keeping its promise to generate about 13,000 jobs.

According to Foxconn, the company is interested in pursuing business opportunities in the LCD market to increase the influence of its Wisconsin campus. Foxconn said expanding its local investments and that new projects will not be limited to the area initially decided, ensuring that the company and local workers can achieve long-term success.

Most likely such a decision has some bearing on the news that Apple intends to abandon LCD screens (at least on their smartphones) from 2020.

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