Rumors: iPhones' innovation cycle will be every 3 years; “IPhone 7” will eliminate the 16GB model

Foxconn and other Apple partners have already opened vacancies for the production of the “iPhone 7”

Every year Apple launches a new version of your smartphone. so since the iPhone iPhone and hardly change. Since the iPhone 5, Apple has chosen to launch the device in September (before it announced everything in June except for the 4s, which was in October) and only broke this sequence with the arrival of the iPhone SE, launched in March. But based on this history, it is easy to predict that the iPhone 7 (ie, the name of the next generation) has everything to be presented to the world in September 2016.

Again taking the history as a reference, Apple's partners usually start hiring new employees to handle the huge production of the new device in June, about three / four months before the device's arrival on the market. However, according to the Economic Daily News (via CNBC), both Foxconn as for Pegatron j have opened vacancies about a month before from the traditional period. Also according to the newspaper, this anticipation would be due to a more complex assembly of the iPhone 7, which would require more time and training.

The problem is that, if we look at the rumors and they've been pretty accurate in recent years, the iPhone 7 won't be that different from the iPhone 6s. The big change in Ma's smartphone line would be for 2017; this means that the 2016 launch would be more for an “iPhone 6ss” than for an iPhone 7 itself.

Regardless of the nomenclature, this idea that making the next iPhone more complex doesn't make much sense. Of course, having an external appearance similar to the current line (something almost certain for the next generation) does not mean that the company does not have to solve complex internal challenges, but if the rumors also do not point to significant changes in the components (for example, a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen or wireless recharging), there are not so many changes as to justify this concern and early hiring.

Yes, there is a rumor that the “iPhone 7 Plus” comes with two rear cameras and the Smart Connector (so far only present on iPad Pro). Who knows these news along with the possibility that he is completely waterproof are responsible for this difficulty. Or, who knows, Apple is only sizing inventory better and decided to start everything a little earlier so that it can have an even greater number of devices available at launch.

Regardless, production of the next iPhone is almost certain to start soon.

(via 9to5Mac)