FOX uses IBM artificial intelligence to create the trailer for its new horror / suspense movie


FOX used an interesting marketing campaign for the film «Morgan», which will open tomorrow, it is a suspense and horror film about an «uncontrolled» artificial intelligence, but what made things more interesting is that the movie trailer that you will see just below was made using “Watson”, the IBM supercomputer, which is one of the best currently in terms of artificial intelligence, that is, an artificial intelligence made a horror trailer about an artificial intelligence, check the result :

I am a big fan of horror films and this one caught my attention not exactly because of the concept used in the film, «evil machines» are not exactly a novelty, however, the movie trailer convinced me … not because it is very good (although it is), but because it was completely made by a machine!

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Watson is the name of the IBM computer, one of the machines of AI (Artificial Intelligence), it was created by several scientists to delve into various works involving artificial intelligence.

What FOX did was to give Watson the full movie «Morgan», but not without first having him analyze hundreds of other horror and suspense movie trailers to find parameters that would cause feelings of suspense and apprehension in viewers. In this way Watson produced the trailer for «Morgan» alone, check out the result now.

What a macabre little song huh? PQP

So, what did you think?