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Fox launches Predators for Android

Fox launches Predators for Android

If you are a fan of the movie Predators (Ā«PredatorsĀ» in Brazil) you will enjoy this new game from Fox Digital for the Android platform.

Similar to the existing iOS version, Predators offers players the ability to control the Predator character in a hand-to-hand experience against humans.

As the player progresses through the challenges, the Predator becomes more complex by bringing new blades, a shoulder-mounted plasma gun, smart discs, thermal vision and all that extraterrestrial trim we see in the movies.

The Predator can also make use of its invisibility feature, making enemies [os humanos] they become easier prey as they cannot see where the green-blooded creature is.

Predators is available on Google Play for just $ 6.27. In our tests, using the Galaxy X and LG 4X HD devices, the game ran perfectly.

Thanks to the reader FƔbio S. that indicated the game.