Fox CEO says US should also cut Net to pirates

شكوى ACAPOR ضد المتسللين

Fox Filmed Entertainment Executive President Jim Gianopulos says the United States should follow France’s example and implement a law that would cut off Internet access for those who practice computer piracy.

The statements were made this Monday. Computer piracy is the biggest threat – individually considered – to the film industry worldwide and independent cinema is the most affected, says Jim Gianopulos, cited by the Associated Press.

As he explained, the adoption of measures that punish those who insist on illegally downloading films in violation of copyright, would lead to the creation of a minimum level of security, capable of protecting even independent producers who tend to have fewer resources that allow them to defend themselves. of this type of threats.

For this reason, the official defends the blocking of Internet services to users who repeat the illegal downloading of files, similar to what was recently approved in France.

After a controversial discussion and review process, the new French anti-piracy law was passed providing for the cutting of Internet access for users who practiced illegal downloads more than three times in a row. But the measure can only be applied after a court decision, contrary to what had been proposed in the first version of the law, which provided for the creation of an entity to oversee this area with powers to order the suspension of Internet services.

In its final wording, the diploma provides for fines between 1,500 and 3,750 euros for offenders. Values ​​that, when there are three recurrences, can amount to 300 thousand euros and two years in prison, which may also include deprivation of Internet use, for a maximum period of one year.

The adoption of anti-piracy measures has been discussed all over the world. Recently, it was the UK’s turn to bring the issue to the legislative agenda. Proposals include cutting access, reducing speed or penalizing through fines.