FOX Brasil is another one to join the TV app

I’m enjoying seeing the attention that Apple is giving to your app TV. A month ago, Claro video, Red Bull TV and Garage entered; last week, Classix; and, from yesterday to today, it was the FOX Brasil.

FOX Brasil app icon

FOX’s entry occurs a few weeks after it opens the subscription to the streaming, which is now independent – that is, it no longer depends on operators.

Watch series, movies, cartoons and sports from FOX channels, live and wherever you want.

With the FOX app, you will be able to watch the same schedule as the plan you contracted through your pay TV, broadband or mobile operator.

You can also subscribe only to the FOX app right in the app store on your phone and have access to all channels and the complete series catalog.

With the entry of FOX, there are now ten apps / services integrated with Apple TV. The application is native to Apple TV, but is also available for iPads and iPhones.

Apple TV app icon

Apple TV

in Apple

Version 1.6 (917.5 KB) Requires iOS 10.2 or superior

tip from Guilherme Domingues It’s from Lucas Lopes