Fourth standby mobile license

Oni in the BWA race

Anacom does not intend to extend the deadline for the National Telecommunications Network (RNT) to complete the bank guarantee provided for in the tender regulation for the allocation of the fourth mobile license.

The information is advanced in this Wednesday’s edition of the Diário Económico that cites the regulator’s official source, indicating that the decision will, in principle, lead to the suspension of the license allocation.

Soon after the announcement of the winner, RNT had requested Anacom a new deadline to complete the bank guarantee of six million euros provided for in the tender.

The request was granted and the company, which was majority owned by the British group Telephony Holding and the Portuguese operator Radiomóvel, was granted another twenty days that ended on 13 February, without payment and with a new request for postponement.

The new request, however, does not seem to find a positive response from the regulator. «We do not grant any extension of the term,» said an official Anacom source, quoted by DE.