Foursquare wants to stop being a check-ins app

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When you are in a nice place and want to register your presence there (also known as check in), you probably use the Facebook app for that or, if you’re a little cooler, use the Foursquare.

The problem is that the latter does not want to be associated with “a check-in only app”And for that reason it will disable precisely the function that made him famous.

And in an attempt to disassociate this image, they decided split the application in two and leave this function in another dedicated app just for check-ins, called Swarm.

It will be almost like a Find My Friends (from Apple), in which you will be able to locate the approximate region where your friends will be, and be able to interact with them.

The exact location of where they will be will not be shown and check-in is optional.

According to Foursquare developers, the check-in function represents only 1% of what the app is capable of doing.

Its current objective is to indicate nearby places to go out, eat, have fun, with the notes and evaluations of people who have already been there.

Yes, exactly what Yelp already does.

The difference is that Yelp is very popular in the US, but it is still crawling in other countries, unlike Foursquare which has become popular internationally.

It is true that Yelp has evolved a lot since it arrived in Brazil last year, being part of Apple Maps here.

But Foursquare still has a more engaged base in our country.

My opinion: I like to check in on Foursquare and, in the meantime, see what people have said about that place (sometimes looking for tips and suggestions) and take the opportunity to give my assessment.

The moment the application does not do this anymore and obliges me to install and use another one just for check-in, I don’t know if I want to get involved.

It loses some sense to me, as it seems to complicate what was simple.

The new app is expected to appear on the App Store in the coming weeks.

via The Verge