Foursquare app starts receiving translation into Portuguese [atualizado]

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Since yesterday users of the application Foursquare are noticing a slight difference in the translation on the service, with several phrases already in Portuguese. The promise to adapt to our language comes from the beginning of the year and seems to be coming true now.

The complete translation should happen soon, with an update of the application.

According to Holger Luedorf, vice president of mobility for the company, Brazil is among the ten countries where the application is the most used in the world. But after all, what is Foursquare?

Understanding Foursquare

We are in the age of social networks and the growth of mobile devices helps to popularize them even more. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all of these networks help you keep in touch with your friends and share your daily life with them. One of them is the Foursquare, which serves for you to tell all the interesting places wherever you go.

I particularly like to use it more when traveling, but there are those who use it all day, checking in everywhere they go. That’s because you win virtual points in each place you go, in addition to unlocking “badges” (it is not yet known what translation these words will receive in the official version), which are merit medals for events you hold (such as checking in at 50 different places, or at different airports in the world).

For example, you travel and visit a Apple Store really. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell that to all your acquaintances, the moment you are there? That’s why Foursquare exists, even with a special badge if you go through 3 of them. ?

The application works with geolocation, determining where you are. It then presents you with a list of interesting points around you, allowing you to select where you are. If it’s the first time, you get more points for it. If it is several times, you can be elected the Mayor of the location, and everyone who is there with the app will see your name. This is until someone checks out more than you and steals your post. ?

It is also useful for choosing a restaurant or somewhere to go, as it is possible to leave tips and comments about places. If you go to a bar, for example, you can find out before entering if someone has already complained about it or if you have any drink suggestions. For trips in cities you don’t know, it’s perfect.

Like all social networks, there will always be people who do not understand the usefulness and say «No thanks» for the service. But for those who like to share their personal moments socially, Foursquare is fun.

If you don’t have it yet and are interested in trying it, it can be installed for free on the App Store (link). You need to sign up for the service (via the app), but this process is also quick.

Good check-ins for everyone. ?

Tip from Daniel Vitor, image by Chrystiano de Castro

UPDATE (16h40)

Foursquare seems to have withdrawn the Portuguese version momentarily. The definitive change should happen together with the application update, on a date not yet disclosed.