Four years later, Apple would still be improving Siri’s responses to abortion clinics

Four years later, Apple would still be improving Siri's responses to abortion clinics

Anyone who follows the Apple world knows that, from time to time, a new controversy arises involving the name of the company, because this gives a lot of audience to websites / blogs. At the end of 2011, the ball was the «Sirigate».

At the time, the virtual assistant for iPhones was still in beta and the problem was mainly focused on people seeking abortion clinics, which is legal in several American states. Due to a misinterpretation or lack of accurate data, Siri was directing users to just ?the opposite?: child adoption centers.

Apple responded to the controversy by apologizing for what happened and saying that everything would improve until Siri exits the beta phase, but it seems that this is only happening now (more than four years later). According to Fast Company, most of the related requests made by Siri now provide correct answers.

In Brazil, Siri does not even have automatic answers to this type of question. Abortion here is considered a crime, and can only be performed by professionals in three exceptional cases: if the mother is at risk of life, if the woman has been raped / raped or if the fetus is anencephalic.

(via TechCrunch)