Four things that irritate me deeply in the Android universe

Empat hal yang membuat saya sangat jengkel di dunia Android

Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world, and I love it, but it is impossible to fail to recognize that it has some flaws and points that can be improved. Below I list four irritating behaviors in the Android universe, which prevent me from getting the best out of the little green robot.

1. Bloatware that cannot be uninstalled

The Android universe suffers from bloatwares, those apps that are already installed on your smartphone or tablet and cannot be easily removed. Of course, companies can include native applications on their devices, seeking to leverage a particular service or fulfill business partnerships, but preventing the user from uninstalling these useless applications is absurd.

google bloatware google apps

Google itself loads Android with apps that some people never use / © ANDROIDPIT

That’s because it forces the user to keep apps that he doesn’t use and that consume precious device storage space, especially on more modest devices with little internal memory. Bloatware can even be removed completely, but it requires the user to have root access to the device, which creates the next problem.

2. Security locks that void the warranty in case of root

As an open system, Android offers endless customization possibilities, from visual aspects to performance improvements. However, to achieve this, the user needs to have root access to his device, may violate security locks placed by the manufacturers that invalidate the warranty.

androidpit nexus 5 bootloader 1

Most of the time the root violates the warranty of the device and there is no turning back / © ANDROIDPIT

So if you have root access on your device just for the purpose of uninstalling an application and then have a problem with the camera, for example, the manufacturer may stop repairing the device claiming a loss of warranty. Samsung is one of the biggest representatives of this attitude, using the Knox counter that records any unauthorized changes to the system, and can hardly be circumvented.

Of course, in the name of security, some features can be disabled in the case of root, as is the case with Samsung Pay, which does not work on rooted devices, but denying the repair of defects that swim has to do with changing the software is absurd .

3. Lack of official accessories

The Android universe has hundreds of different devices, and not all of them have official accessories provided by the manufacturers, who focus their efforts only on top-of-the-line models, leaving intermediate and entry devices left to unofficial accessories.

AndroidPIT lg g5 friends 0428

Most devices do not win an official accessory line like the LG G5 / © ANDROIDPIT

Even with these unofficial accessories, the range of options is reduced, as Android devices do not have a standardized size, discouraging manufacturers from making new accessories, preferring to manufacture products for iPhones and iPads, since a small number of products reach an enormous amount of appliances.

4. Excessive launch of devices that prevent adequate support for all devices

Here we have one more problem brought by the grandeur of the Android world alone, with dozens of manufacturers launching dozens of models of smartphones and tablets every year, with no interest in keeping all of them properly updated.

AndroidPIT best smartphones 4

Many devices create a lack of adequate support for all of them / © ANDROIDPIT

Again, Samsung stands out for its ability to launch new devices at the same speed as they are practically abandoned when it comes to software updates. This is a point where manufacturers seem not to want to change, forcing their users to switch smartphones to access the latest versions of Android.

Do you know any other irritating practices in the Android universe?