Four smartphone stories you never thought possible

Four smartphone stories you never thought possible

Our devices accompany us everywhere, whether for good or for bad. In some cases, experiments are not, say, normal. I separated four bizarre cases involving smartphones, which will at least embarrass you!

An unforgettable game, a lost phone and a legendary selfie

Football lovers will remember the UEFA quarterfinal match between Liverpool and Dortmund. At the end of the match, Lovren scored a decisive goal spreading the euphoria throughout the stadium (or at least half). After that, a fan of the team lost his smartphone due to the heat of the moment.

Now imagine how happy this fan was for moments later, players Mamadou Sakho and Divock Origi find the guy's phone in the middle of the field, and still excited, decided to immortalize the moment with a selfie. Then the device was sent to the police and returned to its owner.

The owner of the device kept his mouth open as he saw the players he liked the most in his photo gallery. I wish all the stories ended like this, anyway?

A device designed for those who have a germ phobia

There are currently many water resistant devices, such as the Galaxy S7 and Xperia Z5, which are certified with protection against dirt and water. The fact that this is becoming a trend of the smartphone market is really excellent, but everything has limits!

worthy rafre3The worthy Japanese bathing apparatus / Japan Times

The Japanese company KDDI has created a water resistant smartphone, but from a completely different perspective. The certificate in this case was not made to prevent accidents but to fight an innumerable number of bacteria that surround our devices.

That's right, the device is designed so that it can be washed with soap and water as many times as necessary, freeing the device of all invisible microbes from its surface. A little paranoid? Hmm … maybe so.

Motorola MOTO g 2,015 waterThe perfect device for misophobic / ANDROIDPIT

Apparently, during testing, the phone was washed over 700 times to prove its durability. And when I say washed, I mean with water and soap, like a dish. The performance of the device is not much, but for people with terror to germs a full plate.

Android device administrator failed with this couple

Android Device Manager has certain limits, but to what extent? Imagine that a couple in the United States began to receive unexpected visits from people who claimed that when tracking their devices, this couple's home was where the devices were.

Now, several bizarre questions arise from this story. The first: Why did people prefer to get to the place instead of informing the authorities? Second, and more intriguing, why do dozens of smartphones send signals from that particular home?

AndroidPIT living without smartphone 1
It is extremely difficult to recover a lost or stolen device / ANDROIDPIT

The answer was a failure in the antennas surrounding the home. The problem persisted until the couple put a sign on the door explaining the situation. Still, certain people kept knocking on their door.

A manifesto against Texas-style social networks

Loss of privacy is an evil of the new generation. One mother, very concerned about this, decided that she would take care of her children's privacy. As? Destroying your smartphones with a rifle and a hammer. Well, hammer is good, the tool she uses is more like an ax.

Watch the video and be amazed at the human ability to solve family issues so … to … like this:

To all present, I report the effects that social networks have on my children. With this catchphrase, she picks up a rifle and begins a speech talking about the effects of technology on our daily lives. Worthy of an impeachment vote in the House of Representatives!

Do you know of another curious story involving a smartphone?

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