Four news about the Galaxy S8 that you need to know this Friday

Four news about the Galaxy S8 that you need to know this Friday

In South Korea, the specialized press says it has sources that both the hardware and the design part of Samsung’s new smartphone series are already finalized. Below, you can check four things about the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, as the Edge version has been called.

The rumors listed below are based on a prototype of the Galaxy S8, recently developed and sent to Samsung’s directors.

Goodbye physical start button

It has been said that neither the Samsung Galaxy S8 nor the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will have the classic physical start button, which will make them completely distinct from the entire series. In addition, the biometric sensor, known as a fingerprint reader, is positioned on the back of smartphones.

Only one variant with dual camera

Still in line with what has already been raised about Samsung’s new flagships, the Galaxy S8 should keep the camera with only one sensor, while the Galaxy S8 Plus would come, as well as the iPhone 7 Plus, with the dual camera. This would have been considered in order to make the smaller version at a lower price than the larger version.

galaxy s8 picture

Alleged first leaked image of the Galaxy S8 (I think it’s fake) / © Weibo

It will be all about the screen

Apparently, it was confirmed that the screens of the two devices will be larger than those of the previous models. According to the publication, the Galaxy S8 would actually have 5.7 inches of screen and the Plus version, 6.2 inches. What had been raised in other reports about the devices. However, as I said in my video about what to expect from the Galaxy S8 series, this should not affect the footprint of the devices as the dimensions of the devices would not vary much, we would only have a better use of the housing for the screen.

Highest water resistance certification

Also according to the website The Investor, the Galaxy S8 will have a higher water resistance certification than its predecessor, the Galaxy S7. At this time, the channel was unable to inform the IP of the new devices in the series, but states that it will be higher than the current one, the IP68, which allows the user to submerge the device for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters.

The launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus is scheduled for April 18, with a possible presentation during MWC 2017.

Analyzing these rumors, in your opinion is Samsung right to make such changes in its most successful series?