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Four-fifths of AP’s information systems will be interoperable by 2015

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

In 2015, two years after the end of the new community support framework, 80 percent of public administration information systems will be interoperable. The guarantee is from the government and appears in the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN) recently sent to the European Commission.

Within the scope of State services, it is also defined that at the same time 100 percent of public bodies use electronic invoices. The totality of AP’s online services must guarantee accessibility to citizens with special needs in the same period.

With regard to the use of the electronic invoice, it should be noted that a resolution of the Council of Ministers approved in 2005 pointed to 2007 as the year in which public bodies should be prepared to start using the electronic invoice from January ( see related news).

The document also recommends reducing the number of necessary contacts between the citizen / companies and the PA in administrative processes, but does not provide for the conclusion of the measure in the same time window. Instead, it sets its compliance to 50 percent.

These measures are part of the priority axis II of the document, which includes measures for innovation and renewal of the business model and the standard of specialization, included in the Operational Program for Competitiveness Factors. The same program includes a set of measures to encourage R&D, measures to promote the quality of venture capital and support for sectors with growth potential.

With the new public service model, the Government explains that it intends to achieve three main objectives: to improve the quality of life of citizens; strengthen citizens’ trust in the State and increase the transparency of administrative action for citizens and businesses.

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