Four cool apps to watch and track your Android Super Bowl

Will you stay home at the carnival? So a tip: follow the 50th edition of the Super Bowl, the grand final of the NFL, the biggest football league in the world and that will happen on Sunday (07/02). Below are four apps to monitor everything that happens at startup. And in the relationship, of course, there are games for you to warm up before the game!

The decision, which will involve the teams of the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, deserves to be accompanied not only by TV, but also by other screens (smartphones and tablets). This is because you will be able to know all the details of the match, as well as extra content that is very cool.

Touchdown !!

NFL Mobile

This app features a plethora of NFL multimedia content, from news to historical facts, curiosities, live bidding to bidding and more. If you want to follow the final but only have your smartphone around, NFL Mobile can be a solution.

NFL Mobile: Learn More and More about Football / ANDROIDPIT

NFL Mobile
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NFL Game Pass

Well, the ticket to the Super Bowl final today is the equivalent of a zero car. And maybe it's too late for you to arrive in San Francisco, host of the event this year. But if you have money left over (and you don't subscribe to ESPN, the TV channel that broadcasts the final here in Brazil), it's worth risking and signing up for the NFL Game Pass to watch live streaming decision. The price is $ 79.99.

Game Pass: Watch Super Bowl Live Streaming / ANDROIDPIT

NFL Game Pass Intl
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Madden NFL Mobile

The official NFL football simulator requires the player to have some knowledge of the sport and, preferably, has played some previous game version. Great graphics and gameplay. But even if you don't know anything about the game, it's worth a look, as there are ways for beginners. The title also offers content purchases to customize and strengthen your team.

Madden Mobile: For those who already know the rules of football well / ANDROIDPIT

Madden NFL Football
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Fanatical Football

Fanatical Football is the most suitable for those who are starting to be interested in football. Its gameplay is easy and intuitive, and even with more modest graphics and not having the official NFL teams, you can have a lot of fun.

Fanatical Football: Ideal for Beginners / ANDROIDPIT

Fantastic Football
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What about, ready for the Super Bowl decision? If you have other football game tips or how to follow the final, tell us in the comments below!

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